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  1. Buy a plan. To operate the site properly during transport should not even cancel your account at old company hosting.
  2. Move all files and databases of your site from your old server to your new account. On welcome email  we are sending the data and instructions to connect to FTP and access to cpanel to transfer the files.
  3. Change the name servers (DNS) of your domain and put them we have sent in welcome email account. Name Servers will change from the control panel of the specific domain registration company.

it takes about 24-72 hours for your domain name to start working with your new hosting account, DO NOT delete the files from old host before start working from new. To make sure it working on new host there are two ways:

  • open your cmd.exe on your windows and type "ping"  press enter and will find your ip of your domain. If it same with new one on welcome email, you can delete your files safe on old host.
  • you can do the same on a "who is" page, like ,,   etc. you will find the ip and dns.

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