Do you support all domain names extensions? Yes, we support all domain names, including foreign domains. Because there are too many and fill... How can I visit my site before propagation? [before domain active] There are two methods that have varying chances of success.Method One:1) You can use your... How do I register a domain name? Log in. In the "Register a Domain" text box, type the domain name you want to register. Click... How do I renew a domain name? Log in and click "My Account". Click "Registered Domains". Click the domain name you want to... How do I renew my domain registered through your company? Go to "order" menu and click "domain renewals" or go to "my domains" menu and click your domain... How do I transfer a domain name to you? Log in, hover on "Domain" and click "Transfer A Domain". Follow the instructions in the... How do I transfer my site to you? Buy a plan. To operate the site properly during transport should not even cancel your account... How long does it take before my domain is working? If you ordered a new domain name through us, it will take 12-48 hours. If you are transferring an... How long does it take before my domain name is active? It usually takes about 12-72 hours before it is visible to all users of the Internet. The... I registered my own domain. What name servers should I use? Please refer to your welcome letter for the correct name servers. You can also send us a support... My domain is registered via another registrar. Can I transfer it to you? In most cases, yes. While it's not absolutely necessary to have your domain registered through us... My domain is with another registrar, how do I transfer my domain to a better registrar? You can transfer to us your domain and save a lot of money. If you don't know how send a ticket... What domains require an EPP transfer authorization code? Transferring .com and .net domain names requires an EPP transfer authorization code, a security... What if I change my mind, or spell a domain name wrong. Can I get my money back? No, all sales are final. Once a domain is registered, the registry will not refund purchases. What is a domain name renewal? When you register a domain name, you gain exclusive rights to that domain name for a period of... What is a domain name? A domain name is a unique address or identifier on the World Wide Web. One easily recognizable... What is domain parking? Domain parking refers to the process of adding additional domain names to a hosting account with... What is domain pointing? Domain pointing takes domain parking another step further by allowing multiple domains which... What is domain propagation? Propagation is the period of time, or delay, involved in sending your domain's address... When can I renew a domain name? You can renew a domain name almost any time, and you can extend the expiration date up to 10... Who owns the domain name if I purchased it through you? The domain name is yours completely. If you do decide to not use us as your web host, you can... Why can't I create sub-domains? If your domain is not pointing to our nameservers and is still in the process of being... Why would I transfer a domain name? The most common reasons for transferring a domain name are to take advantage of a different... Will I be able to access my domain name with or without the 'www.'? Yes, you will be able to access the domain name with or without the 'www.' in front. For example,... Your company registered my domain name, how will I know when to renew? Check your domain if is enable "auto renew" button if not, you are responsible for monitoring and...
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